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Uncle Lar's Outpost Is A Proud Retailer, Distributor, and Installer For Pella Security Safes

Not All Safes Are Created Equal

For over 25 years Pella Security has earned a reputation of building the finest and toughest safes on the market. From the forming process to the last coat of paint, great pride, craftsmanship and detail go into every product. Pella Security is a family owned business, and all their safe models are 100% built in the USA!!! 


Why Pella Security Safes...?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Pella Security safe is protected by a limited lifetime warranty, for the lifetime of the original owner. Visit for full warranty details.


An innovative and exclusive design that gives
tremendous strength and security. This protects the locking bolts and discourages drilling and or prying attempts.

Heavy Duty Hinges

Hinges designed specifically to handle the weight of the heavily reinforced doors, and provide effortless swinging. These hinges also allow the door to open 180 degrees for full access to safe contents

Quadra Wall Fire Protection

All safes with our standard fire insulation, have double seals that sustains 
temperatures of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 50 minutes. Executive models up to 130 minutes! 

There are many other options and  features that make these the most secure safes in the industry. Use the button below to reach out to one of our experienced representatives to find the right safe for you.

Safe Videos

Safe Videos

Safe Videos
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Pella Security Safes - Owner Walk through

Pella Security Safes - Owner Walk through

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Walk In Vault Install

Walk In Vault Install

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Superior Fire Rating

Tested and proven by an independent Laboratory, committed to fire research, the Quadra Wall Insulation has been tested and proven to protect important heat sensitive items, such as papers and documents, from external temperatures in excess of 1500°F, while keeping the inside temperature from rising more than 275°F in 50 minutes.


The test safe was placed in a furnace which was fired to 1500°F for 50 minutes. Sensors placed throughout the inside of the safe gave temperature readings during the test. Crumpled newspapers were also placed inside. During the test the extreme heat disintegrated the paint finish and melted off the metal dial and ring, but there was no damage to the inside of the safe. The sensors placed inside confirmed that the temperatures stayed well below the maximum allowable temperature (industry standard is 350°F) and didn’t exceed 275°F!

All Pro and Sportsman Series safes come standard with our 1500°F 50-minute fire insulation. Executive models have 1500°F 130-minute fire insulation.